Register your Birth Certificate online in India

Registering birth details with government records is one of the most essential work that every Indian (not limited to India only) is supposed to do at the earliest. In this article, we will be checking the details on how one can register birth details online in their respective states. From last few months, digital wave has surely started in country and things like Aadhar Pay, e Marriage Certificate has surely produced a positive digital wive throughout. In due course we will be discussing vital things about registering birth records both online as well as offline.

How to apply for Birth Certificate Online?

Follow below steps:
  • Visit birth registration portal of your respective state/area
  • Check for "Registration" tab
  • If you are a first time visitor then do create your free account there, or else simply login
  • Fill in the details in application form
  • Upload scanned artifacts
  • Pay online fee
  • Download and print the birth certificate
This is how simple you can register your birth details online. In order to keep a better record, we would like to follow this reference It will help you with fin dig area wise birth registration portals and other useful facts like how to fill application form, sample forms, best time to apply etc

Offline process for getting birth certificate is based on exact similar grounds. In that case you will have to visit your nearby birth registration office (details you can extract from above given reference). Once you are there, fill in application form along with all the required artifacts like ID proofs of parents, hospital register record copy and other things (that are mentioned in application form).

How much time it takes for birth certificate reception to your address?

Usually it takes around 1-3 months for newly created birth certificate to get delivered to your mentioned address. We haven't heard about anything like Tatkal Birth Certificates or something similar, however you can still give it a try and check out if anything similar happens in reality or not.

When to apply for birth certificates?

You must apply for one as soon as possible. Delaying the process will harm you only. Best period to apply for birth certificate is within 1 month of the birth.

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Can marriage be solemnized online in India?

Want to check the possibilities of solemnizing marriages online in India? Well here in this article we are going to explore all the facts that needs to be discussed about marriage solemnization in country. Can we as Indian have proper facilities to register marriage online or do we still need to go through conventional old ways of offline marriage solemnization.

India being a developing country holds the excuse (at least appears to me) of "in queue" most of the time. Like if you are discussing about some sort of automation then do prepare yourself for the answer with tag "in progress". Most of the essential things (in automated digital arena) are put into queue but people are still waiting for their completion. Unfortunately no one knows exactly about when this wait will end and kind of stuff.

Marriage Registration in India
Marriage Registration in India
 Is the states same for marriage registration through online channels?

YES! Status is same for marriage niche as well. Things have started but not expanded to most of the states. We would like you to have a look at: online marriage registration reference. Here you can get details about most of the online marriage related stuff online. Do not miss to check out articles where they have covered marriage registration procedures for all the Indian states (UT's as well).

As per various resources, marriage registration in India can be processed online but this service is limited to selected states only. Also when it comes about infrastructure then it is not something that can be termed ideal for e-registration kind of stuff confidently.

What are our suggestions about marriage registration in India? Shall you go through conventional offline methods or switch to online modules?

Depends on your state. If online marriage registration is covered there then you should try it first. In case any glitches pops out, only then think about switching to old conventional ways. In all the states where online registration do not exist, sadly you have no other way except the offline one. Do visit your nearby marriage registration office to check out details of what all needed to be done for marriage registration through offline resources.

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Aadhar Payment App: Download | Use and Review

Aadhar Payment App is the new way of making online payments in place of traditional hard cash and plastic cards. Indian Government on 25th December 2016 has launched a new app called Aadhar Pay all across the country. With help of this new app, people will now be able to make transactions in regards to their UIDAI numbers. Forget all conventional payment methods now. No need of working internet connection, smartphone, credit/debit cards. All you need is Aadhar Card Number and bank integrated with that. Process is much simpler and faster than any other conventional method. Moreover merchants will now not need to pay anything as additional processing fee (which is usually 2-3% of the total sum) which will surely give relief to many. Here's how you can use Aadhar Payment App for shopping purpose.

Aadhar Pay
Aadhar Pay

Download Aadhar Pay from Google Play Store

As of now Aadhar Pay is listed on Android's Google Play Store only. In coming days it might be ported to other stores of Apple iOS and Windows (we will surely update you at that time). Below are the steps through which you can download and install Aadhar Pay app:

  1. Visit Google Play Store
  2. Search Aadhar Payment App
  3. Download and install it like any normal app
  4. Buy biometric sensor/machine that will cost Rs. 2000 per machine
  5. Connect your Android smartphone with point of sale machine. You might need to integrate the biometric sensor using UIDAI number also
  6. This is it. Now all the transactions made through configured biometric machine will be credited to your account
This part is for Merchants only. In case you are on the consumer side then you don't need to download any program or anything like.

Simply enter your aadhar card number, select the bank (which you have added to Aadhar Card system) and scan your finger at the biometric scanning machine. This is how you can use Aadhar Pay app to make transactions for traditional shopping.

Please let us know if you need any more details on the same.

Buy and Book Vobizen Wise 5 Smartphone Online

Vobizen Wise 5 is a budget friendly smartphone that can be purchased at special price of Rs. 499 only. Vobizen Wise 5 Booking can be done online through their official portal. In this article we will be checking out details on technical specifications of Wise 5 smartphone, usual price, when the Rs. 499 sale will go live, how to increase chances of booking Vobizen smartphone and other related stuff. This year, Indian market has seen many such offers/smartphones which are launched below Rs. 500 tag. Freedom 251, Docoxx, ChampOne etc were few of them. Later we have seen government schemes related to providing free smartphone in upcoming elections as well (will have to wait and watch if it really happens). Let we move to the main topic i.e. discussion about Vobizen Wise 5 smartphone.

Vobizen Wise 5 Smartphone
Vobizen Wise 5 Smartphone

Technical specifications of Vobizen Wise 5 smartphone

It comes with 5 inches screen that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core processor. Getting a quad core processor with the magic of Marshmallow OS is a great thing in itself. To delight the customers to next level, manufacturers have provided dual camera (5 and 2MP), dual sim connectivity, touch screen sensitivity, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM to the internal circuitry. You can expand internal memory of Wise 5 smartphone to 32 GB using micro SD card.

WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS features are there which will not let you miss anything in terms of connectivity. It is a 3G capable smartphone (unfortunately 4G is not there so you won;t be able to use free Jio offers on this smartphone) that can use and operate very well on all 3G networks.

2000 mAh battery is given that provides approx 7 hours talktime and 270 hours standby time. It is a removable battery that operates on Li-Ion cells. It comes with 2 yrs manufacturer warranty on phone and 1 year standard warranty on charger, earphones and battery.

Price of Vobizen Wise 5 Smartphone and how to buy it online

Usual price of Vobizen Wise 5 smartphone (without sale) is approx Rs. 3500/- However as part of special deal (we will let you know once it is activated), it is available at a special price of Rs. 499 only. Rs 98 shipping charges are there that makes the entire cost around Rs. 597 per piece.