Aadhar Payment App: Download | Use and Review

Aadhar Payment App is the new way of making online payments in place of traditional hard cash and plastic cards. Indian Government on 25th December 2016 has launched a new app called Aadhar Pay all across the country. With help of this new app, people will now be able to make transactions in regards to their UIDAI numbers. Forget all conventional payment methods now. No need of working internet connection, smartphone, credit/debit cards. All you need is Aadhar Card Number and bank integrated with that. Process is much simpler and faster than any other conventional method. Moreover merchants will now not need to pay anything as additional processing fee (which is usually 2-3% of the total sum) which will surely give relief to many. Here's how you can use Aadhar Payment App for shopping purpose.

Aadhar Pay
Aadhar Pay

Download Aadhar Pay from Google Play Store

As of now Aadhar Pay is listed on Android's Google Play Store only. In coming days it might be ported to other stores of Apple iOS and Windows (we will surely update you at that time). Below are the steps through which you can download and install Aadhar Pay app:

  1. Visit Google Play Store
  2. Search Aadhar Payment App
  3. Download and install it like any normal app
  4. Buy biometric sensor/machine that will cost Rs. 2000 per machine
  5. Connect your Android smartphone with point of sale machine. You might need to integrate the biometric sensor using UIDAI number also
  6. This is it. Now all the transactions made through configured biometric machine will be credited to your account
This part is for Merchants only. In case you are on the consumer side then you don't need to download any program or anything like.

Simply enter your aadhar card number, select the bank (which you have added to Aadhar Card system) and scan your finger at the biometric scanning machine. This is how you can use Aadhar Pay app to make transactions for traditional shopping.

Please let us know if you need any more details on the same.


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