Can marriage be solemnized online in India?

Want to check the possibilities of solemnizing marriages online in India? Well here in this article we are going to explore all the facts that needs to be discussed about marriage solemnization in country. Can we as Indian have proper facilities to register marriage online or do we still need to go through conventional old ways of offline marriage solemnization.

India being a developing country holds the excuse (at least appears to me) of "in queue" most of the time. Like if you are discussing about some sort of automation then do prepare yourself for the answer with tag "in progress". Most of the essential things (in automated digital arena) are put into queue but people are still waiting for their completion. Unfortunately no one knows exactly about when this wait will end and kind of stuff.

Marriage Registration in India
Marriage Registration in India
 Is the states same for marriage registration through online channels?

YES! Status is same for marriage niche as well. Things have started but not expanded to most of the states. We would like you to have a look at: online marriage registration reference. Here you can get details about most of the online marriage related stuff online. Do not miss to check out articles where they have covered marriage registration procedures for all the Indian states (UT's as well).

As per various resources, marriage registration in India can be processed online but this service is limited to selected states only. Also when it comes about infrastructure then it is not something that can be termed ideal for e-registration kind of stuff confidently.

What are our suggestions about marriage registration in India? Shall you go through conventional offline methods or switch to online modules?

Depends on your state. If online marriage registration is covered there then you should try it first. In case any glitches pops out, only then think about switching to old conventional ways. In all the states where online registration do not exist, sadly you have no other way except the offline one. Do visit your nearby marriage registration office to check out details of what all needed to be done for marriage registration through offline resources.

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